Monday, November 28, 2011


Here is the content du jour of a folder on my desktop labeled "BLACKCURRENT." This folder contains my favorite eight or ten images of the moment, and is altered slightly on about a weekly basis. I am such a visual person that I derive a lot of joy just from sifting through images, and looking at the images in this particular file always makes me feel a strong sense of both inspiration and contentment.
Right now I can surmise that I am feeling very much washed-out pale blues and greens, along with washed-out reds next to brighter reds, wood and sand hues, and clean shapes (the natural black with cream fascination is a constant for me and goes without saying). Also, it would seem, images of female weavers. The hat is by Cosmic Wonder Light Source; the messenger bag is by Welcome Strangers; the belt is by Maison Boinet. The antique agate cuff is a recent purchase. Ever since I discovered a very similar piece with lapis at the Mauerpark in Berlin a few months back, I have been collecting bracelets in this style (which I wish I could find more information about). Something about the bone, the metalwork, the pin hinge, the weight: I love it. The look of the stone on this particular piece stuns me. It looks like a galaxy.
I am getting all the materialism out of my system now before I go off to India and am simultaneously:
-cowed at my disregard of the meaning of money
-have my tastes radically change due to circumstance. 
I am sure that coming back after five or six months and seeing the way my house and my closet look with new eyes is going to be a total trip.

Finally, I want to share the above with you, my favorite song of the moment. I have spent a lot of time the past couple of weeks roaming around in the woods with one earbud in, trying to perfect my own recreation of the vocal nuances in this song. "Haunting" is an overused adjective when it comes to female folk artists' music, but in this case, the shoe fits.

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