Thursday, April 7, 2011

mustard greens

Here is what I am feeling at the moment: 
 Mushroom hunting knife from Kiosk;
Amazing early 90's noise band t-shirt which I am fruitlessly trying to track down;
Emily Hope wearing something great, on the perfect quilt (all the pictures in her shoot are killer) from backyardbill;
 Detail of the monogram on a chemise from the late 1800s which I found on Etsy today, and bought, and am thinking of turning into a cropped top;
 Ilse Jacobsen rain boots from Lambs Ear Shoes;
This fellow's style is through the roof! From the Sartorialist.
I don't know: kelly green, off white, punk/dirty/worn/old, and workwear? Last month I was thinking red/fur. I bought a huge Red Cross flag made of linen from WWII to wear as a cape/wrap, a pair of red long underwear from the 1970s (with a dropseat!!) which, surprisingly, fit me perfectly and cost 16 bucks, and the shoes below, again from Lambs Ear (There is apparently no apostrophe in their store name, which gives my grammatical self a headache, but they are amazingly curated, so I guess it evens out).

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