Sunday, April 10, 2011

many snakes

It's in the nineties here in good ol' Tennessee, and not even May yet. My friend Miri and her boyfriend Johnny came to visit for a couple days over the weekend. They had just come from South Africa, where they had been seeing Miri's family, and they brought back some Five Roses tea and Tennis biscuits, apparently staples there, as souvenirs. I just like the names.

There was a crazy yellow moon last night, and it was hot. We went on a trek through the woods to the Red River, where we went swimming and saw many snakes. (The camera got wet, but the moon was still in focus.)  I was able to use the old Red Cross flag I bought a few weeks ago as I intended to when I got it, as sort of a wrap in which to bundle up. 

Red sky at night: sailors delight. Red sky at morning: sailors take warning. I had a dream last night which I don't remember well, but I woke up sobbing. Let that be a warning not to fall asleep watching Gummo.

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