Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Have you a child; how is he styled?" "Wild."

More from my inspiration notebooks.
Cover of a pamphlet on beauty brought back from a commune in India; Neolithic winged arrowheads; i.D.?; fridge by SAMO; W and then Anthropologie, I think; drawing from a 1920s book of children's poetry called Silver Pennies (this elf-girl is one of my style idols); sweet tat, bro; compilation; best baby picture ever, my big sister little; clipping from 1970s Russian newspaper courtesy of my dad; image from Jalouse (kelly green, lavender, and tomato-red: great combination) plus Tin-Tin; punks from 1980s German alternative textbook by the Goethe Institut. Beneath, a page from a book of Brothers Grimm stories, presumably one of the ones that didn't catch on so much with the public. (Did you know the Brothers Grimm were influential linguists, along with being story-tellers? My dad is a retired linguist and rhapsodizes about the importance of their work on a semi-regular basis.)

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