Saturday, January 22, 2011

     It started snowing yesterday just before I left town for a dinner in Nashville. The dinner was a bummer (it was for an ex-boyfriend's mother's birthday, so it was bound to be awkward), but at least it gave me a chance to break out a dress I purchased recently. The designer's name is Gary Graham, and he went to SAIC... holla. Apparently the collection this is from is based on Gypsy/Romani culture; his flagship store in NYC is the most fabulous space, really creatively designed. While at SAIC, he focused on textile/costume design rather than fashion... my kinda guy. I want to meet him and ask him a million questions, the first being, How did you get so awesome at life? The dress is truly amazing; you can wear it in about a million ways, and the fabric is truly gorgeous. It's from the nicest shop ever, Worthwhile ( in Charleston.

      My leather jacket I pulled from a jumble of not-so-great-stuff at a vintage shop in Paris. I think it dates from the early 80's at the latest. When I picked it up it had a strip of photobooth pictures in the inner pocket, which I perceived as an omen that I had to buy it at once and wear the hell out of it. Like van der Rohe said: god is in the details. My favorite part of it is the oxidization on the buckles.
     The boots are ca. 1968 men's motorcycle boots by Frye. I got them from a vintage shop in Nashvile run by a 30-something pseudo-hipster who I think has only the vaguest idea about garments and pricing. These babies were 50 bucks. Sch-wing.

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