Monday, October 17, 2011


Good shop window in Montreal; close-up of same odd shop window; back of a street sign in New York with the paint wearing away from the wood; the best thing at the Wall Street protests, a fantastic off-white velvet-upholstered chair with Sharpie graffiti; detail of chair back; Becky planking TV sets in Chelsea; great hair idea on the shopgirl at IF in SoHo; fantastic Isabel Marant display; I Pop Pills! sign; good tattoos on a cool chick at Fresh Salt (my new favorite hangout spot in NYC); me and Ysabel in front of a strange stairstepped plant wall in Montreal somewhere in the Plateau. I guess I'm drawn more recently to fur, hair, off-white, old, dirty textural objects. Been reading Arabian Nights before bed, having crazy dreams and getting good ideas. India in exactly one month. Whaaaaaat.

P.S. I am 55% sure that I spotted Stephin Merritt in Chelsea, baseball cap and all... I had a mini-freakout but determined not to say anything. I just watched Strange Powers and am glad I chose not to. I highly recommend finding the torrent...

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