Thursday, July 7, 2011

turkish delight pink pie mountain head

More from my inspiration journals. Let's get inspired and go burn something down, maaaan.

1) Becky, my long-term, recently deceased, much-beloved boyfriend's mother, in the early 80s. She was a runway model and an avowed punk in London, Paris and NYC (where she worked as a shopgirl at IF boutique, among other things) from 1982-1988. Her long-term boyfriend during this period was the lead singer from A Flock of Seagulls. You'll be happy to know she is still legitimately beautiful and crazy chic at 52, so it can be done.  2) Spread. 3) From a 70s children's book which never ceases to inspire. 4) My older sister in high school in a dress we found in our old home's attic. I really kick myself all the time for not hanging onto that when we moved... 5) Nice hair idea from Archaeology Today magazine (is that title an oxymoron?). "The poppy goddess", can you dig it?  6) From a book about Mayan/Incan civilization: "Human dancing in his way as White-Three-Dog." TOO GOOD 7) Another photograph from Becky's files, part of a series an artist-friend in NYC did, something involving hooking people up to televisions..? I should ask her more about this.

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